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What are immune Cells?

Immune cells play a role in blocking the invasion of bacteria or viruses from outside into our body. Because of immune cells, our body is able to maintain health, and if it does not function properly, we suffer from various diseases such as cancer. The environment within our body is an immune system that defends and protects the body against antigens such as viruses and bacteria that can invade from the outside, and is divided into innate immunity and acquired immunity acquired from birth.







What is immune cell therapy?

      - 4th cancer treatment


Immune cell therapy is a treatment for diseases by collecting immune cells directly from the blood, increasing the number of immune cells or enhancing their functions by culturing them ourside the body, and then injecting them back into the body.
In other words, it is to take immune cells out of the body to further strengthen the fuction of immune cells, increase the number of immune cells by hundreds of times, and then return them to the body for treatment.


In particular, it is widely used in anticancer treatment, There are various immune cells in the human body, such as cells that recognize cancer cells, cells that suppress the development of cancer cells, and cells that remove cancer cells that have already occurred, so it protects our body from cancer. The patient becomes a cancer patient because th function of these immune cells is weakened or the number is too low. Therefore, immene cell therapy is to grow the patient's immune cells strong outside the body so that they can fight cancer and inject them back into the patient.





Existing chemotherapy, such as radiation therapy or chemotherapy, has a problem in that it kills cancer cells as well as normal cells, and the patient suffers from severe side effects such as vomiting, diarrhea, hair loss, anemia, infection and bleeding. On the other hand, anti-cancer treatment method that is expected to have a great effect on improving the quality of life of patients as the patient's own immune cells are used as a treatment causing little pain or side effects.




 Kcell is conducting continuous research to popularize immune cell therapy,

such as obtaining a patent for mass culture of immune cells.




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